Roofing Chicago

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Replacing your roof may not be one of your most favorite or most visual home remodeling projects
it is one of the most important. Roofing as well as the rest of your homes protective layer, deteriorate
With age as they endure Midwest climate changes. The deterioration process increases over time as the
elements are able to penetrate the surface and be absorbed by the protective layer. Wether it be
A shingle roof or a flat roof Dynasty Innovations has you covered literally. We specialize in full roof
replacements, using only high quality roofing products and experienced employees we deliver a
Roof you can depend on for years to come.

Shingle roofing is generally found on residential homes, Typically lasting many years.
But at times more recent installations can be damaged by weather. As the protective
Layer is breached your more vulnerable building layers are exposed to water/ice and
Weather conditions. The more vulnerable elements damage much more quickly than
Your homes protective layers. If these damages go unnoticed for an extended period
of time you may have much larger damages requiring a complete roof replacement and
Possible interior repairs. We use only high quality roofing products and have experienced
Roofers to ensure your next roof replacement is a good investment to your homes future.

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